Have you ever looked in your mirror and ask yourself, what is my purpose on this earth and how do I discover what it is?

Satisfying your purpose and passion guarantees joy and well-being. The challenge however, faced by many along their journey of self discovery is knowing how to uncover their passion and purpose or rekindling their dream.

The answer that you seek is buried within your true self. Your true self is kind, does not behave itself unseemly and is not easily provoked. Your true self rejoices not in iniquity; but rejoices in the truth. Your true self is sometimes neutralized as a result of non-validation when you were a child. The validation from parents, teachers and others we respect is vital to building confidence and fertilizing our self-worth. Our fears, false beliefs and our inhibited personalities are often scarred as a result of feeling put down rather than lifted up.

So how do we discover our true self, passion, and purpose when it has been scarred or buried? I have great news! Nothing is ever lost in the spirit. If you are willing to work on regaining your true self, now is the time.

There is a part in everyone that wants to joyfully express themselves in the world. As you gradually heal from inhibiting fears and limiting beliefs, your true self will come shining through. As you allow your true self to emerge, you will discover what really brings you joy.

So many times we chose our careers according to what our income demands. We ignore our special God given talents, to satisfy our “have to haves.” If your work does not fulfill you spiritually, you may not be living your purpose nor fulfilling your passion.

Often times, I have interviewed potential students for cosmetology, nail technology or esthetics training after they have finished college and received a degree. They enrolled in a four year college because that is what their parents wanted them to do. Now that they have an opportunity to fulfill their purpose and passion, they enroll in beauty school. Success is inevitable for them because for years they dreamed of becoming a professional. Their customers will also benefit by being serviced by a person that wants to serve, rather than someone that has to be a servant.

OK, so what has God ordained you to do?

No-one can do it but you, IT IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT…..


“Be the person you want your best friend to be”