Gospel recording artist, Kirk Franklin, dedicated a song to the recession, depression and unemployment. He included in the introduction of the song, “This Song’s for you.” The lyrics state, “Today’s a new day, but there is no sunshine, nothing but clouds in the sky and its dark in my heart and it feels like a cold night. Today’s a new day, where are my blue skies. Where is the love and the joy you promised me, you tell me it’s all right.” His song encourages us to practice SMILING; “knowing that God is working, you look so much better when you smile, so smile.”

When you understand the power of a smile, it is surprising that everyone we meet is not sharing one. I submit in this article just smiling more will automatically make you more successful. To illustrate the magnitude of a smile, here are twelve reasons to increase your smile today.

Reason # 1 A solemn cold look sends with it a feeling of uneasiness. Now let’s imagine someone gives you a radiant smile, you can feel their friendliness and genuineness.

Reason # 2 Try smiling at a stranger and watch the chain reaction that will cause the stranger to smile back. You have just added sunshine to someone’s life. This may be the spark needed in their life at that very moment!

Reason # 3 If you are in the company of a genuine person that smiles, you will find it contagious. Put yourself in the company of smiling, happy people. Catch It!

Reason # 4 People are attracted to people with electric personalities. If you had to choose to be with a person with a vibrant spirit or a dull unmotivated person, what would your choice be?

Reason # 5 Smiling can make you popular. I sold beauty product to salons in Memphis, Tennessee; my reputation preceded my visit to see new client- I was known as “the happy Dudley sales person.” My smile had a direct influence on my sales.

Reason # 6 Attract new friends as you wear a smile, and remember, “like attract a like.” You will draw to you that which you are.

Reason # 7 A smile returned to you will make you feel good. If today is not a super fantastic day, just attract some smiles and watch your happy meter rise.

Reason # 8 Smiling gives you energy, drive and life. Put some pep in your step with a great big smile, today.

Reason # 9 A smile actually make you more attractive. Move off Ugly Street and relocate to Lovely Street, using your smile as your vehicle.

Reason # 10 People will remember you long after you are no longer in their presence because of your smile. You may often hear,” I know you from somewhere.” Soon afterwards, they will say it’s your smile.

Reason # 11 Smiling improves your health. When you smile you release stress, tension and unnecessary worry. Go ahead and smile- it’s a great habit to improve your overall health.

Reason # 12 A smile does not cost you N-O-T-H-I-N-G; but the benefits are worth millions. You have more smile in your smile bank than you could ever give away.

Improving your life just got easier, with something as simple as a SMILE. Share it….

OhOhOh you look so much better when you SMILE….


“Be the person you want your best friend to be”