Never to late to dream2Have you ever thought that it was too late for you to start a project or the dream you desire? Are you aware that “as a man think-eth, so are we.” Consider the thoughts of these great inventors…

The Wright Brothers- The Airplane, Garrett Morgan- The Traffic Control Light, Mary Anderson- The Windshield Cleaning Device (Wiper), Thomas Edison-The Electric Light Bulb, Madame C.J. Walker- The Hot Comb, Booker T. Washington – The Peanut, A. Graham Bell- The Telephone, Patricia E. Bath- The Cataract Laser Placo Probe, and Col. Harland Sanders – KFC Chicken. This list of great inventors is just at the surface of many, but the idea of dreaming and sculpting your dream is parallel to their success.

The only way these inventors were able to successfully establish their inventions- was to hold a clear, positive image of their idea in mind, until it became a reality. During their journey, I’m sure there were plenty of upbeat days, and what about those days that went nowhere at all?

These inventors had a right now mental belief in the picture images of their idea.

It is my belief that we have dreams for a reason- and that reason isn’t to be tested by time. The fact that we dream is proof to me that we can achieve those dreams if we are willing to pay the price. It’s always too soon to quit, but never too late to begin.

Sooner or later, we all live through an extremely difficult time, a disabling illness or injury, losing a love one, a broken heart, the loss of a job, financial difficulties; alcohol dependency, or some other addition. This is the time what we fear most seems to come to pass. Hope flees and fear paralyzes the mind, destroying all enthusiasm.

If you find yourself thinking like this sometimes, I’d like to challenge you to activate your faith thinking- not your fear thinking. Faith will allow God to make it right; you may be in a difficult time right now, but don’t use your words to describe your situation. Use words that will change your situation. Speak health, speak favor, speak abundance. I am healthy; I am happy; I am wealthy, and I am wise. You give life to your faith and your fears, by what you say. Whatever we meditate on- in time, makes an appearance, if we faint not.

The Bible tells us that we become what we constantly listen to; it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong. Adam lost his authority by listening to someone other than GOD. The real question becomes, who are you listening to? Who’s giving you advice? A Chinese proverb says this about advice: “It’s better for man to sit at the feet of a wise man (person) and listen than to read thousands of books.” We don’t realize that we’re prophesying our future. “We will eat the fruit of our words” that means we will get exactly what we’ve been saying. In other words, we must send our words out in the direction we want our life to go. We cannot sow corn and expect peas. Our production will be that of which we have sown. Ask yourself this question every morning (looking in a mirror); do I have enough adequate knowledge of myself? If so, then say, “Good Morning, you blessed, prosperous, strong, creative, highly favored child of the Most High God.” Speak it, till you get it, on the inside.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye; I proclaim that it’s not too late to accomplish everything that God has placed in our hearts; we have not missed our window of opportunity. God never aborts a dream. We may give up on him, but he has every intention of bringing to pass every dream, every promise placed in our hearts. It’s not too late to start. Mankind was made a creative being; he can think a symphony and compose it, think a great civilization and go out and create it. He has a mind with a memory that can latch onto the past. With imagination, he can take a mind with a memory that can latch onto the past. With imagination, the future becomes present. He is a dreamer; he can dream dreams and connect with tomorrow. When properly utilizing his mind, no one can hold him down. He can be in one city physically and another at the same time mentally. He can be in Charlotte, North Carolina right now physically, and be in New York City at the same time mentally, creating. This is God’s Great Creation. With this knowledge and understanding, man can put action behind his Faith and move boldly towards what God has put in his heart. Just as Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:6, “Stir up the gift. Fan the flame.” He was saying to Timothy, “life is passing you by. Get busy pursuing your destiny, shake off any disappointments and create a fresh new vision for your life.” It’s not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in your heart and no, no, no, you haven’t missed your window of opportunity.

Why did we miss that project, dream or desire? We didn’t miss it because we didn’t get the right breaks! We missed it because we didn’t accept responsibility for our mistakes and learn from our experiences. We missed it because we didn’t take decisive actions that would do something about our predicament. We missed it because we turn away from God and did not allow him to help control our lives. And we missed it because we roll over, accepted defeat, gave up and quit too soon.

In the meantime, let’s abort our stinking thinking and so fulfill our DREAMS, it is never too late to start.

Inpired by: Original article featured in “Fayetteville Press.” written by Johnny A. Robinson

“Be the person you want your best friend to be.”BRC