Betty Clawson HSGrowing up in North Carolina, when asked what do you want to be when you grow up? Betty Clawson’s answer was always I want to make a difference in the world by being in a position to help people. As she grew older many people influenced her life in ways that she did not expect, which gave her more determination to share with others. A daughter of a sharecropper father and a house wife mother, Betty was taught the value of sharing being reared with two sisters and six brothers. Her parents gave her responsibilities that forced her to share.

When her brother, Johnny, introduced her to Dudley and Fuller Products, her leadership skills and personal development was encouraged by Mr. S. B. Fuller, Mr and Mrs. Dudley and all the sales people that allowed her to teach every morning. Growing up in church she taught Sunday School at an early age giving her an understanding of the principals as taught by Jesus. Dudley Beauty College and Dudley Cosmetology University gave her an opportunity to sow into the lives of students and staff.

She lives her life as an open book to share experiences with others. When she begin sharing in a classroom settings, the participants lives were changed. Now the interactive sessions led by Betty will give you an opportunity to evaluate your true self and raise your consciousness to a level to attract more of your God given gifts to you Betty’s spirit filled classes are inspiring, motivating and revealing. She encourages everyone to ” be the person you want your best friend to be.”

 ” Be the person you want your best friend to be.”